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God of Bones
The god of my bones wants my soul
But he can only possess my bones,
He pulled me into his marrow
I consumed his cells, I became
Him and he was me,
Now my body is dead in his memory,
I gave him my heart - he owns my corpse.
He dreams of me in his nightmares
I possess him as he sleeps,
His bitter-sweet infatuation.
As I plead for him to let me go
He sacrificed me to the god of his bones.
Now I bathe in the chaos we made -
I'm a mile away and I can feel his pain,
We share our grief through the wet wind
And the lashing waves. He pulls on me
With our psychic link - my gut wrenches.
He drinks and I write, our thoughts coexist
Since we sacrificed ourselves to the god of bones.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 12 1
Layed down in dirt, cradled in leaves
A barely-formed girl struggles to breathe,
He followed her into the woods
Lay her down in the dirt and convinced her to freeze.
He'd asked her about the state of her virginity
Excited by knowing she wouldn't be for much longer,
He wanted to feast on her flesh
He knew a scared girl would do anything to please.
She crawls through the leaves into sunlight
Full of cheap cider and shame -
Why did she let it happen?
She didn't fight, what could she have done?
She sits at her desk and writes a letter,
An apology to her first boyfriend,
She thought she'd cheated
She thought she'd be pregnant.
For thirteen years she felt sorry for him
She justified his behaviour, he was just a child too
No! He was eighteen, a man to a girl of thirteen
He knew what he was doing.
I probably would have apologised to him
Because that's easier than anger
Just like laying there and taking it was easier than fighting him off
I wish I could remember his face
So I could lay it down
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 1 0
Puzzle Craft
Nothing is real but the birds and me
On my rock before sunrise,
Smoking my herbal remedy
To ease the burden of the unreal.
I’m thinking that my experiences are self-created
Pushing me to learn something I already know,
That the deep me knows I need to learn -
Cross boundaries and smash through walls.
I’m the puzzle crafter,
I’ve seen the complete picture
But I have to break it to pieces
Before I can put it back together.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 1 0
Good Morning Brighton by themagpiepoet Good Morning Brighton :iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 1 0
The Girl Is A God
The girl is a god with wolves in her chest
While she catches boys in her hair like birds.
Her flesh speaks the lore of a martyr in disguise
But she is no stone-skinned warrior.
She is water born and earth made
Like the pale peaks of waves
whose tongues lap at the fire.  
She reaches towards the sky
Hoping to warm her hands
All she finds is her own breath carved into air.
The girl is not a god, she is a hero
With birds nesting in her chest
While wolves braid her hair.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 18 14
Entropic Force
I chose to unfurl and dance with doubt
And now I’m falling down the rabbit hole
Without wings, not unlike an angel,
I am free to explore the entropy.
The ideological battles of mind versus gut
Strip themselves to fundamentals
And remain undiscovered,
As I remove my eyelids from the deception
I confer with my strange parts
To discover that I am interconnected,
Even when I don’t believe,
With the oblique angle of empty globes.
I am interested in pathological tension,
The violent fantasies that accompany
Silent thought and feigned shame,
But I am not apocalyptic by nature.
The satisfaction of knowing without narrowing
Is necessary for rescue from the the cruel wish
Of the autocratic and their placid plague.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 6 0
Living On Hope
I've been living on hope
And washing in blood,
My train's always late
And the man that I love
Doesn't want to know me.
I'm tripping on fresh air,
Talking to myself all the time,
I feel like a joke -
The black sheep, the fuck-up,
I'm the bad news big sister.
I water my plants with my eyes
And smoke til all I can do is laugh.
A child in the skin of a woman
My voice is a whisper and I am all alone
My fear won't let anyone close.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 3 0
Connecting Stars
There are arbitrary lines between the stars
Connecting them
In triangles and rectangles
But everything’s circular
Cyclical, rotating, transforming into
and out of shape.
I am connected to the cycles
I am circular in my essence
Transforming in cycles
The stars cannot be observed without me,
I am stars and the lines in between.
August 2014
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 11 5
On the Downs by themagpiepoet On the Downs :iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 2 0 Out In The Wild by themagpiepoet Out In The Wild :iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 0 0
The I Without A Face
My chameleonic face creates illusions
To protect the faceless I,
The self within the centre.
Environment dictates the shape my atoms take.
Each illusion is two-dimensional,
Transparent in patches but mostly opaque.
My faces confuse friends;
They speak in contradictions,
Memories mix and time is only relative at the time.
The I watches the faces from without the body,
Disgusted by their ability to confuse,
To misrepresent the faceless
And I, the I without a face, am left confused.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 5 10
Mature content
What Happened? :iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 1 0
Parentheses around my lips,
I'd have to remove my skin
to let you in.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 6 2
Arterial Motive
My arteries still ache from when you rummaged through my arms
To find something more inviting than my eyes.
You bumped into a little chunk of fear leftover
From some faraway past,
And you thought I was weak enough to comply.
He flung words, like birds, into my eyes.
His pro-order (new-order) lies
Solidified at my ears, then cracked,
They fell to the ground -
He collapsed in tears.
We danced in the dust between the roses
And brought ourselves pearls to play skipping games with,
And the rotten ribbons of your throat spread your lips wide,
They reached out to choke me
But the tattered ends just flopped in the breeze of my breath.
Now I don't have to say a word,
Just breathe and you're gone.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 7 1
Kidney Boy
You do not exist when my mind is elsewhere;
When I focus on my words, my muscles, my journey
My broken heart is fixed, for a while,
Until I'm back in my body and you're not beside me.
You consume me. You bleed from my eyes and legs,
I choke on you as I retch up my empty stomach
And scream when the memories won't go away.
You are non-essential but vital,
Like the other kidney -
you're not necessary for my existence,
But without you I'm missing a piece of me.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 4 2
Delayed Suicide
Most of the time I want to die;
It would be the best thing for me.
See? I'm not selfish,
I'm living my life for you.
:iconthemagpiepoet:themagpiepoet 2 8
Critique please by Metadream


pickled people
the things you do can positively affect the people around you in ways you aren’t even aware of. here’s an example…i just had such a strangely poignant childhood memory. when i was about 6 years old, my dad came home with an ornamental craft that some eccentric soul had made for a laugh. we called it ‘pickled people’ because basically it was a large transparent jar, with a plaid red and white cloth lid, and inside were lots of human body parts made out of stuffed ladies stockings. there were a few faces with googly eyes, but there were also little round toes and best of all (for a 6 year old) there were little bottoms and i think even a penis or two! i was so thrilled by this jar of pickled people that i told everyone about it at school the next day. i think i actually took my friends aside one by one feeling incredibly self-important to whisper the story to them. i actually remember watching the clock at school after a long day of being slightly inept and
:iconapoemhowsweet:apoemhowsweet 5 5
How to Love Yourself
Promise yourself
that you will do things
right this time
Swear to yourself that
you really can keep
Tell yourself that you
have what it takes -
that you're only failing
because you aren't
trying hard enough
But repeat to yourself more often that
sometimes it really isn't your fault -
sometimes the teacher is terrible
or you didn't have time to eat
or you were just too tired
to function
Tell yourself that you
know what you're doing.
Tell yourself that you
are prepared to fly
even if your wings are
only half-built
Tell yourself that you'll
finish them
And if you ever catch
yourself breaking down,
god, just don't stop running
or else you'll realize
that your lungs are
starved for oxygen
Just repeat while breathless,
"I am okay. I am okay. I am okay.
I am okay-"
Write across your collarbone:
"I am not trash.
I am enough.
I deserve to be happy.
I am perfect and
nothing needs fixing."
Everything's the fault of
the rest of the world
:iconwindfragments:WindFragments 24 8
you called her supernova
because she shone the brightest.
you claimed her laugh lit up entire planets
and sailors were guided home by the twinkle in her eye.
she was supposedly the center of your solar system;
your world revolved around her very being.
until she exploded
and the light you lived by went out for good.
:iconmismatched-misfits:mismatched-misfits 7 0
Writing Prompt 101 - Character
Writing Prompt 101
Character Creation –
Note: Many people have asked how I come up with my characters so I figured I would share what I do.  This is just an outline and know that you don’t have to fill out any and all.  It’s a guideline.  Also note, that though you answer these questions not everything should be included or expected in your writing.  This is so you can know your characters intimately and how they would react but not everyone else needs to know some things.
Basic Information is key to the first vital step
Name: (normal, foreign, alien…etc)
Age: (2 years, 1000, immortal…etc)
Gender: (female, male, transvestite…etc)
Race: (human, vampire, alien… etc)
Profession: (student, doctor, king, mage…etc)
Note:  These tell you what your character is but it just scratches the surface to character building…
:iconpendragonvamp:pendragonvamp 276 37
corn mazes made of ink
sometimes I remember I
wrote poetry before you,
will write poetry
am writing poetry
after you.
this is the part I've been dreading:
uncovering black-ink skeletons
from dust and desiccated veins.
here ran rain in rippled
rainbows across
silhouetted promises—
set them against the sky,
tattered leaves of night's blood edging
the maze, our maze,
something like the inside of hearts or the outside
of encroaching dusk.
i'll wait for them to wither
away, away
from here and me and thirsting loamy soil.
sometimes I just
stand in your room,
sometimes I don't touch anything, I just
pretend that someone's here.
what is the difference
in four miles or four thousand?
they both taste of absinthe and bitter
promises and emptiness
and some curves like corners, like crossroads,
like a maze made only of dead
ends and cobwebs shaped like words.
if I line every leaf
with fragments of us, there will be
nothing left to string together
to the end,
nothing together
to escape.
:iconsycamoresea:SycamoreSea 17 19
100 Writing Prompts
100 Writing Prompts
1.  It's like a riddle, you see.
2.  Rain was falling in the street.
3.  They say a monster lives in those hills.
4.  I tried opening it, but it's like it was locked.
5.  The sky was so heavy I could almost touch it.
6.  Why did he bring me here?
7.  I keep having the same dream.
8.  I always knew this would come back to haunt me.
9.  How did the windows get so dirty?
10.  I don't think they've mowed their lawn in weeks.
11.  That's what happens when two people like that meet.
12.  He really had to borrow a cup of sugar.
13.  The water stopped flowing from the tap.
14.  That old tree finally fell last night.
15.  Maybe tomorrow he'll come.
16.  I can't believe it's Saturday!
17.  Did I ever tell you about the footprints?
18.  You told me to look for the red teacup, but it's not ther
:icontehuti:tehuti 303 18
NAPOWRIMO 30 Days of Prompts
Day 1: I am a poet.
Day 2: I own my flesh.
Day 3: Tell a lie.
Day 4: Love through letters.
Day 5: A thousand kisses deep.
Day 6: Monochromatic fears.
Day 7: You have 7 days to live.
Day 8: Glow in the dark stars
Day 9: Misplaced bones
Day 10: Write as if you are a body part.
Day 11: Wake the dead.
Day 12: Love bites
Day 13: I never think about ____ anymore.
Day 14: Find me.
Day 15: 7 Deadly Sins
Day 16: 3AM coffee
Day 17: Kiss the stars on her arms.
Day 18: ‘Last night—’
Day 19: What is your sign? Write about it.
Day 20: Galaxy skin
Day 21: What is tangled up in your heartstrings?
Day 22: A fight in a stairwell
Day 23: A forbidden desire
Day 24: Stitched the words into my heart
Day 25: Cross-hatched skin
Day 26: Artist fingers
Day 27: Holding up the universe
Day 28: Dig deep
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 222 93
Poetry in Motion
No need for alliteration,
onomatopoeia, or
iambic pentameter.
Just help me loosen
my buttons, and I’ll
show you what poetry
is all about.
:iconblueskye27:Blueskye27 18 68
Designing Intelligent Aliens: The Essential Guide
This guide is meant as an aide for the prospective science fiction writer, game designer or world-builder wishing to incorporate extraterrestrial elements, in order to improve quality and rationality of the created works. It is not so much a “How To”, which would broach multiple sciences and require a profound understanding of each of these, but a “Before You Go On”, things to consider, wrinkles that need ironing out rather than a methodology. Issues that I bring up here do not necessarily make a choice impossible – you must simply figure out a way around them.
Herein I will be dealing with sapient species, intelligent beings, if you will, since this is where artists’ and writers’ imaginations most often fall short. Here I must distinguish between sentience and sapience – sentient species are aware of their surroundings (which is to say, just about anything more complex than a jellyfish qualifies, even ants), whereas sapient
:iconzerraspace:Zerraspace 42 12
we're all mad here
Oh, cat's got my tongue;
it also swallowed my mind,
screaming help me, help—
:iconbrokenfragilethings:brokenfragilethings 21 1
Outside influences project Fashion edition 2 by Harpyimages Outside influences project Fashion edition 2 :iconharpyimages:Harpyimages 4,305 874
on the sidewalk people walk through me i’m a
vague torsos bloated spilling over hip
i’m a crow plucking plastic aphids off cellophane
apoplectic with a blunted affect
i’ve buried a box cutter to its
hilt in my stomach carved
a hole in the nighttime
sky i
had feelings once but now i hold them in my
:iconcole-y:Cole-y 2 0
once stars
these weary atoms are constantly
wreathed into genetic ornaments and
recycled from human to human.
i can trace my veins off into the brazen
custody of our prescribed atmosphere.
bring me to where the world ends
and the horizon collides with the heavens,
because i'd like to recreate myself into
something new.
or at least fade among the hydrogen
furnaces, returning to a cosmic cradle.
:iconaerode:Aerode 37 26
i speak too fast for necromancy
a cigar-store solipsist
stuffing towels in doorways,
i was crowned prince asphyxia;
oh, do not fall in love with
dead boys - you can't make
martyrs out of suicide drones.
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 60 27
the poor boy got a lecture from deaths secretary
"deaths busy enough as it is without walk ins"
"but it was urgent,"
he stutters.
"it couldn't wait, it was now or never"
he was simply told
"take a number, and wait over there with the rest
who 'couldn't wait' "
:iconohsparrowsong:ohsparrowsong 49 23
thrown to the tortoises
we got young
we got lost in the forest
our hive mind on fire
and locked completely in hunt
following pheromone oracles
:iconthesquareroot:thesquareroot 5 0
It's been over 2 years since I posted on this account. Wow. My life is significantly different. I'm a mum now, I have a home. My daughter will be 7 months old next week. She is amazing and my life is so much better than it was the last time I was here. I always get the urge to write at this time of year, but I'm rusty, I haven't written anything in a long time. Here are my thoughts from a few days ago.

Where Did I Go?

There is a conflict within my soul
Where did I go?
The girl I once was
Had some of her troubles unmuddled
Some of her broken pieces fixed
She became a mother
A woman with a child and home,
Single. Stigmatised.

My daughter is my world
But where did I go?
Old addictions occupy my mind
If I relent a little will I be broken again?
Can I invite a small part of my old world in
Without damaging my new world?
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United Kingdom
“I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.”
― Mary Shelley, 'Frankenstein'.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
― Sylvia Plath

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